The Importance of Emergency Kits for Weddings

Emergency Kits for Weddings

Murphy law states that if anything can go wrong it often will. The day of your special day is no exception; Murphy’s Law is not willing to overlook your special day from mishaps. Be prepared on your wedding day with an emergency wedding kit to ensure that you’re ready for even the smallest the mishaps. To ensure that your emergency kit is well prepared be sure to stock your kit with the following:

Sewing kit

A sewing kit is an important piece of the puzzle in case you need to quickly make an alteration or if a button falls off. Unless you have a seamstress available immediately, you’ll be grateful that you brought a sewing kit. In addition to keeping a couple of various size needles, be sure to carry threads of various colors as well. In addition to these items a couple of safety pins would never hurt.  If you’re fortunate to have your dress makers phone number  handy, be sure to keep her contact info at close hand in case of an emergency.

The guys should be prepared with a lint brush on this special day, especially if they have a Fluffy or Fido close by.  There’s nothing worse than pet hair on an expensive suit. And while your photographer may be a master at Photoshop, trying to get rid of every single piece of pet hair will drive them insane.

Tools for your hair

While your hair will probably be prepared in advance, be sure to bring extra hair spray, and even a hair brush or comb with you. Most wedding hairstylists opt for an up do. These are fairly low maintenance however, a stray breeze can quickly mess up the prettiest of hairstyles, so be prepared.

Make up essentials

It never hurts to carry a small clutch with some touch up makeup items.  Blotting papers will help prevent a sticky situation especially if you’re getting married on a particularly heated day.  Small toiletries are essential to helping keep your body fresh, even during times of nervousness. Be sure to bring some extra deodorant and maybe even band aids for breaking in your new shoes/sandals.

Of course, we recommend saving some room in your clutch for a few feminine extras, especially if your monthly is due around the same day of your wedding. It’s not uncommon for the monthly to show up due to the added stress.

After you’ve acquired all the items you need for your emergency kit, make sure that you store them in a compact knapsack that is easy to store.